Essential Advice You Need Before You Travel To Brazil

So you want to go to Brazil? Have you heard of the pretty girls the sun beaches and nighlife?. Well its all true Brazil is the place for a party but I am going to throw some caution on your enthusiasm for the place. Why am I doing this you may say, well its all in the name of promoting Brazil.

Brazil is a great place to buy property, find a relaxing lifestyle and to live. The advice I am going to give you is real and you will not find it in a glossy travel guide to Brazil.

It is the real deal, so listen up: you need to know this. Have fun, party, enjoy yourself, but use your head. If you are going to spend the night with that lovely young lady, well go right ahead! First make sure that she is really a young lady and not something else- unless that is what you want. But do not go to “her” place. And do not take her back to “your,” place. Make sure you have taken all the previous precautions listed above, you have nothing irreplaceable on your person and that you are carrying no more money than you can afford to lose. Then, by all means, spend the night with her-at a motel. That way, if he, she, or it drugs you, all that can happen is that you will be stripped of money and possessions that will not ruin the rest of your holiday. If this should happen in your hotel room, you may not be so lucky. The worst that will happen in a motel is that you will be picked clean and wake up with a hangover the size of Texas, to limp home as best you can.

The Truth About The Law!

In the interest of completeness, let’s cover one more little item that I hope is of no practical interest to any readers. Extradition. If you have done something wrong elsewhere, do not come here thinking that it is a safe haven. Once upon a time many, many years ago, that may have been true in some cases, notably Ronnie Biggs of the Great Train Robbery.

The law has changed and you ainĀ“t Ronnie Biggs. That was a very long time ago. If it is a crime back home, it is no doubt a crime in Brazil too, so once again, if you wouldn’t do it at home don’t do it here. There is reciprocity and extradition with almost every country and all of EU. Best look elsewhere for this. This is a country of 200 Million and the police here have enough home-grown wise guys. They sure don’t need any extra help. What can and does happen is that you will be put in prison here, then extradited whence you came, and likely put in prison back “home.”

I read of a guy who fled the United States having just defrauded some USD$ 5Millions in some scheme. He came to Brazil thinking to find safe haven. He was met at the airport by the Federal Police, and was taken literally straight from the airport to prison where he remained in custody three years.

At the end of three years imprisonment he was then put on another plane, courtesy the Brazilian government, and delivered straight into the waiting arms of the US FBI and went straight to prison in the US.

Stay happy in Brazil it’s a great place for living for life and to have a party!

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