The Niagara Falls Fantasy

Located on the north part of the western United States boarders and the south part of the eastern Canadian ones, one of most spectacular natural sites is the group of large water falls, worldwide famous as the Niagara Falls. The breathtaking scenery is composed by three water falls, the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls, which pour five million cubic feet of water every minute. Extremely wide, although not very high, the Niagara Falls is area has become over the years a tourist location for people of all ages, who visit this part of the world in order to admire the natural forces all year around.

But apart from hosting some extremely successful tourist resorts, the Niagara Falls is also a hydroelectric source of power. Since the three falls are shared by three cities, all named Niagara Falls-two in the New York area and one in Ontario, Canada-the citizens of those areas have relied on the Niagara Falls power to generate the required amount of energy and serve their needs, since the early 18th century.

According to scientists, the Niagara Falls is the outcome of the Wisconsin glaciations period, which ended 9,000 years ago. During that era, the slowly moving and melting glaciers crushed the earth’s surface and formed lakes or rivers, managing to connect today’s Canadian coast with the northern part of what we currently know as the country of United States. Since they were first seen, Niagara Falls has succeeded in attracting people’s interest on the natural phenomena that led to their gigantic form. Visited annually by millions of people who are excited to be surrounded by these huge water-flowing natural creations, the Niagara Falls gained their remarkable reputation mainly in 19th century, when the area was first recognized as being a preferred tourist attraction and also as an extremely beautiful natural phenomenon originating from the earth’s glaciations period during Ice Age.

Present Niagara Falls visitors are able to cross the Canadian-US boarders often in order to admire its magnificent imagery from specially designed sitting areas or the Niagara Suspension and Whirlpool Rapids bridges. The Niagara Falls is admired from practically either side of the Canadian and US boarder. Although the US side, at about 70 feet, is much smaller in size compared to the Canadian falls at 170 feet, all those who have visited either of the two areas admit to have experienced a unique water-falling phenomenon and a great power-giving force. Those who live and work in the nearby cities support, that Niagara Falls is an excellent opportunity to “get cozy” with nature, while relaxing one’s eyes and rejuvenating both body and soul.
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