American River Rafting California Mini Vacations

Whether for 1 or a group of 200, finding an excursion that is both enjoyable and affordable can be a daunting task. With airlines bankrupting and cutting back services, gas prices soaring, and the general cost of living increasing by the moment, planning for fun can be a chore. Californians have more options than most other US Citizens when it comes to getting away and doing something new, exciting, and affordable. Perhaps this is why thirty-six-and-a-half-million people call California home.

Within a day’s drive from any of the borders of California is the South Fork of the American River, a beautiful 21-mile stretch of class III whitewater. It is here that gold was discovered and the great migration west found its home. Groups from 1 to 200 or more can gather for one, two, or three days of adventure, gourmet dining, and a relaxing evening around a campfire.

Trips range from all inclusive 3-day 2-night sleepovers where you raft two different rivers with all the meals and bussing from Southern California included to one day trips where you hop on the river and raft for a few hours.

Most trips include incredible deli style gourmet lunches, all the equipment necessary to be safe on the river (PFDs – personal floatation devices, Helmets, Paddles, Rafts and Guides), and the shuttle to the put-in and from the take-out. If you’re on an overnight trip, you can expect a world class dinner often prepared and served in camp by your day’s guide. Evening fireside chats and tent-style camping under the clear skies of the Sierra Nevada Foothills is to be expected. In the morning, breakfast will greet you, again prepared for you by your staff and, as with all the meals, vegetarians and meat lovers alike will find plenty of choices at the impressive morning buffet.

After breakfast you’ll follow the instructions of your trip leader and head out for another exciting day of whitewater rafting. The rafter can expect to float past historical artifacts, see local flora and fauna, and sometimes glimpse rare wildlife such as the river otter. Participation is required in most cases, but one needn’t be an athlete; the crew is taught to paddle in unison and, coupled with the expertise of the guide, provide the power needed to navigate the river.

The American River South Fork has some of the most famous rapids in the world, such as the Meat Grinder, Trouble Maker, and Satan’s Cesspool & Hospital Bar to name a few. The “big” rapids are powerful and fun, requiring no maneuvering while in the rapid and thus folks can hang on. If the three day adventure is chosen, the third day visits the Middle Fork of the American where there are class IV rapids that require paddling in the bigger rapids.

Once your trip is through, you’ll be shuttled back to base camp where you’ll be sure to hop on over to the photo shops to check out the action photos of you pounding through the rapids while conquering the river. It is here at the end that emails are exchanged, hugs are given, and promises to return are expressed as you’ve just experienced one of the most affordable, accessible, and exciting getaways available in all the world.
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American River rafting, an over-night excursion that includes a whitewater rafting trip down the American river south fork. The American river middle fork river rafting are reasonable and adventurous.