Facts About Ballenger Creek – Frederick County Maryland

Ballenger Creek, Maryland is a growing community with a medium population of 15,457 as of 2007. The population is divided almost equally between men and women. There are a few more women than men living in the town; 51% to 49%, with about 2,765 people per square mile. It’s a small town in the southern part of Frederick County Maryland

The estimated average household income of those living in the area is $72,276, which is about $5,000 more than the state average of $68,080. Frederick County is one of the top 1.5 percent of America’s wealthiest counties, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The county is among the richest in Maryland, and Maryland is one of the richest states in the nation, Maryland has 26 counties total.

The report shows in 2003 Frederick had the 43rd-highest median income — $66,493 — among 3,140 counties, and placed fifth out of Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City.

Within Maryland, only Carroll county, Calvert county, Montgomery county and Howard counties — the latter placed eighth in the nation — had higher median incomes than Frederick.

Those who are living in and around the Ballenger Creek area that are 25 years of age and older; 91.6% have a high school degree or higher, 33.1% have received a Bachelor’s degree or higher, 9.6% have a graduate or professional degree, and only 2.2% are unemployed. The average time that Ballenger Creek residents take to travel to work is 30 minutes.

People living in Frederick County who are 15 years of age or higher; 22.3% have never been married, 60% are now married, 2.4% are separated, 5.6% are widowed, and 9.8% of residents living have been divorced.

There are a lot of different races living in the Frederick area. 81.5% of the residents are white non-Hispanic, 10.1% are black, 2% are two or more races, 1.1% are of some other race, 0.9% are Asian Indian, 0.6% are American Indian and Korean, and 0.5% of residents are Chinese.

The most common occupation for males in the area code 21703 is that of computer programmers and computer specialists, for females it is; office and administrative support workers, and managerial positions.

Surprisingly, the largest employer in Frederick County Maryland is the US Army. Fort Detrick is currently hiring to cover 200 vacant jobs as of January 2010. This was not always the case. Before 2005 Alcoa-Eastalco Works, an aluminum smelting plant was the single largest employer in Frederick. The plant closed in Mid 2005.

Another big source of high tech jobs in Frederick County is Bechtel Power Corporation, they design and builds nuclear power plants. The company is based in Frederick, Maryland. Bechtel Power Corporation is a subsidiary of Bechtel Group.

Frederick Memorial Hospital is yet another large employer of Frederick County residents.

The Frederick County Government currently has a hiring freeze as of January 2010. The Frederick County Government operates a useful website to help residents find better jobs. The website’s layout leaves much to be desired, but that is a subjective assessment. It’s called Frederick County Workforce Services and it offers training and assistance for job seekers, the official website is http://www.frederickworks.com/jobSeekers.html
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