Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Basics & Information

To cite a much-worn cliche, Las Vegas Grand Canyon helicopter tours make the Grand Canyon seem even grander. There are many kinds of tours, and each of these tours offers a chance to explore a unique view and aspect of the Grand Canyon, with additional adventures and exciting activities thrown in.

Every helicopter tour in Vegas comes with first-class service, including climate-controlled choppers and hotel pick-ups and dropoffs. But there are some basic rules, such as no bags or big containers of food, etc. The helicopter can accommodate only around 5 people, and even within that the weight needs to be spread around.

This is why passengers are weighed and allotted seats based on their weight. As for which tour to book, the choices are mostly based on how much time and money can be spent on the tour. The aerial only tour is the cheapest one, and wraps up in about three hours.

The air plus ground tours where the chopper lands at the Canyon base is probably the best choice given that it doesn’t cost all that much more, but offers so much more. For those seeking an adrenalin rush, nothing better than a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon followed by a rafting expedition.

Aerial Tours: The Grand Canyon is all of 45 minutes from Las Vegas, but the chopper takes its own sweet time and covers a lot of ground to and fro in three hours. This includes stunning views of the Colorado River, Lake Mead, Boulder City and the Hoover Dam. The main event of the tour, though, is still the Grand Canyon. Also note that different tour companies have different itineraries, so it’s best to get it sorted out in advance.

Air plus Ground Tours: These tours not only offer everything the aerial tours offer, but also offer an up close and personal view from the ground. The helicopter descends down 3000-4000 ft from the rim to the Canyon base. Passengers are allowed to get off the chopper and enjoy a picnic with food and drinks and a full view of the Colorado River. Some tours also include stopovers at Eagle Point and the Skywalk.

Adventure Tours: Includes everything the above two tours include, and also a rafting expedition on the Colorado River. This means a helicopter ride with a view of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead and Boulder City, followed by the sight of the Grand Canyon. If the dizzying descent from the rim down to the inner gorge doesn’t get the adrenalin pumping, the raft experience surely will. Picnic lunch and champagne at the Grand Canyon is also an experience worth remembering.

To sum it up, Las Vegas Grand Canyon helicopter tours offer the last word in thrill and something so grand and beautiful it tops even the wildly extravagant casinos. This makes it even more important that passengers remember instructions and not do something regrettable while up in the air. Do not forget to record everything on film, because this isn’t something that one does every other week.
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