Aluminum Boats History

If you are passionate about boating and want to spend some great time alone in your boat in solitude or go out for fishing with your son, then you should always go in for aluminium boats. Some people think that buying an aluminium boat is bad investment. But this is far from the truth! The benefits of aluminium boat far out-strip those made of the modern fiberglass.

Most government boats are made of aluminium. Luxury yachts are made of this material. Statistically half of USA’s boats are aluminium built. There are quite a few reasons for this choice. Some of the small sized aluminium boats have thin-hull and are fastened with rivets. They are great for rivers as well as salt water navigation. They are extremely lightweight. So carrying them is never a problem. This also ensures that these boats provide excellent speed and less fuel consumption. Heavy boats on the other hand consume gallons of fuel.

Repairing an aluminium boat is much easier than repairing a fiber glass boat. If your aluminium boat has a dent in it can be repaired by banging the damaged area with a hammer. You can also cut and replace the damaged portion easily. But repairing a fiber glass boat is difficult. You cannot use the hammer or cut and replace small portions. So aluminium boats are economically more viable. The best part is that you can repair an aluminium boat yourself!

Fiberglass boats are made up of petroleum based chemicals which are combustible in nature. This is not the case with aluminium boats. The aluminium ones do not catch fire easily and is absolutely safe for your family. Aluminium is corrosion resistant and lasts long. You can take the boat to a fishing trip in salt water as well. Salt corrodes fiberglass quickly. Another important factor is that you can customize your aluminium boats easily. Cut, drill and weld and you get your boat the way you would like to design it. With computer images you can draw the sketches and pre-design it the way you have always dreamt about it. Changing the designs of a fiberglass boat is very tough because the material tends to break if you try to change it.

It is easier to adapt an aluminium boats to different weather conditions and requirements. Aluminum has now become the standard component for manufacturing high-end luxury vehicles. But it is important to maintain your boat regularly to increase its longevity. Check if the seams are tight and there are no holes in it. If there is damage then seal it with water-proof material. Paint up your boat occasionally. It not only increases its beauty but also makes it stronger. And last but not the least, register and licensed your boats. For more details on boats, and especially aluminium boats and everything related to it visit the website Happy cruising!
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