Selecting a Sailing Vacation Location

A British overseas territory, Bermuda has much to offer cruising sailing enthusiasts. Sailing is a fantastic way to discover the beauties of several regions such as the Caribbean islands, Bahamas, Greece and many other island chains. People can go alone by hiring a bareboat. A bareboat is just a boat without any cook. Both of the clubs and both harbors have fantastic facilities for traveling cruisers. Sail manufacturers, and other businesses abound. If you decide that you enjoy boating, do not be too swift to buy a boat. Most individuals who enjoy sailing as a hobby, decide to purchase boats only to discover that the sailing lifestyle does not work for them.

Sailboats also have to contend with the north-flowing Gulf Stream current just off the west coast, which may travel up to 2 knots in some parts and that creates eddies that can help or slow the boat’s journey. The region of the North Atlantic between the US coast and Bermuda is regularly crossed by typhoons as they sweep north from the Caribbean Sea. Most routes to Bermuda, therefore, are made either in the fall when hurricane season concludes or in early spring before the season begins.

Bermuda is a small chain of islands some 700 miles due east of South Carolina. Boats have traveled to or through Bermuda for hundreds of years, and it is one of the most popular offshore destination for sailing enthusiasts on the US East Coast. Food and drink are provided. If it is a big enough catamaran, it will feature its own facilities as with a cruise. There is also scuba equipment on board if people want to pursue that activity when the sail boat is anchored. Bermuda is also a frequent stop for boats sailing between the Canada and Europe. As a destination, Bermuda is the finish line for historical sailboat races and attracts hundreds of American boats on cruising vacations. The greatest draw of the Bahamas lies in the clear azure seas that surround the entire island chain.

Sailing lessons are always an option in locations with sailing communities. You might even have a family member who is willing to teach you for free. Regardless of what kind of boat you are on, you need to always focus on safety. The balmy air keeps the islands warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Beautiful beaches of white sand seem to cover all the islands, and beautiful oceans make for exciting snorkeling, although the ocean is colder than in the Caribbean.

Prior to thinking about getting on a sailboat be sure that you are a skilled swimmer. Many starting boaters don’t consider how likely they are to sink and ignore this basic tip. Mariners need good maps to avoid the high concentration of reefs surrounding the islands, especially on the north most side, but Bermuda Harbor Radio is easily reached on the VHF and should help guide you in. Even beach combing is a wonderful pastime on the pristine beaches of the Bahamas. Meals include various seafood such as prawns, sushi, and conches. Popular spots in the Bahamas are the Great Guana Cay, Man-o’-War Cay and Hope Town. The candy-striped lighthouse is a tourist attraction at Hope Town.
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