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Seychelles signs economic and technical cooperation agreement with Cambodia

As part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ strategy to strengthen ties of political friendship and cooperation with Asian countries, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean Paul Adam, signed, last week in Phnom Penh, an Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) with his Cambodian counterpart, Mr. Hor Namhong who is also Deputy Prime Minister.
In August this year, Minister Adam had signed a similar agreement with Vietnam, in addition to the two other ETCA signed during the last 2 years with Korea and the Philippines, giving Seychelles competitive advantages, in terms of legal instruments, to implement the government’s “look East” policy aimed at tapping into the resources of the Asian market, especially with reference to tourism, …

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Vegas, Nevada Private Jet Charter

Las It is not any secret that Las vegas is one of the most well-liked destinations for leisure and business travelers alike. Well recognized for its hotels and casinos, Sin City is also property to a lot of important business conventions throughout the 12 months. Paramount Business Jets proudly services the most important, most popular town in the state of Nevada with our exceptional Nevada private jet charters. The metropolis is usually portrayed in film and tv being a luxurious escape towards the Hollywood elite who travel in private jets from Los Angeles. Paramount Business Jets extends the availability of private jet charters beyond the large title celebrities, to any business traveler looking to possess …

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Melbourne Pubs

One of the most popular pastimes in Melbourne is heading to the pub. Melbourne Bars have developed in leaps and bounds over the last decade, but there has also been a development in the quintessential Australian pub too. Pubs are an integral part of the Melbourne bar industry and there is a wide and diverse range to choose from. There are pubs that cater to everyone’s needs from the ‘crusty old men’ pubs to the sleek, new corporate style pubs. Melbourne Pubs have undergone a massive transformation in the last few years and there has been a distinct move to the more ‘gastro’ style. There is something about the traditional pub that Australians just love …

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Essential Advice You Need Before You Travel To Brazil

So you want to go to Brazil? Have you heard of the pretty girls the sun beaches and nighlife?. Well its all true Brazil is the place for a party but I am going to throw some caution on your enthusiasm for the place. Why am I doing this you may say, well its all in the name of promoting Brazil.
Brazil is a great place to buy property, find a relaxing lifestyle and to live. The advice I am going to give you is real and you will not find it in a glossy travel guide to Brazil.
It is the real deal, so listen up: you need to know this. Have fun, party, enjoy yourself, …

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Stockholm By Boat

Stockholm by boat? We don’t mean you should sail there… though you could. Cruises that go to the Baltic states and Northern Europe are one exciting way to arrive in Stockholm.
Whether you fly in or cruise in, you need a way to get around this watery city.
We’re talking about Stockholm by boat as an alternative to buses and trolleys. In fact if you are a passenger arriving on a cruise ship, your shore excursion will probably show you Stockholm by boat!
Stockholm is a city built on islands…. 14 of them. They are woven together with many bridges. Trams and subways connect much of the city, but boats and ferries are a great way to get …

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National Parks: This Just In

You probably are one of many who call Yosemite National Park a beloved place. Breathtaking is a hackneyed phrase, but bursting into daylight after passing through the last tunnel on Highway 41 and seeing Yosemite Valley below draws audible gasps from first time visitors. Even novice photographers cannot botch a shot of the Half Dome knob along with the gray rocks of the walled valley and the flowing waterfalls.
Less than five percent of crowds touring Yosemite actually see the entire valley park because of the visitor population is so large. Still people are more inclined to withstand the crowds in Yosemite because of its almost vertical nature than they are in parks like Yellowstone and …

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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Basics & Information

To cite a much-worn cliche, Las Vegas Grand Canyon helicopter tours make the Grand Canyon seem even grander. There are many kinds of tours, and each of these tours offers a chance to explore a unique view and aspect of the Grand Canyon, with additional adventures and exciting activities thrown in.
Every helicopter tour in Vegas comes with first-class service, including climate-controlled choppers and hotel pick-ups and dropoffs. But there are some basic rules, such as no bags or big containers of food, etc. The helicopter can accommodate only around 5 people, and even within that the weight needs to be spread around.
This is why passengers are weighed and allotted seats based on their weight. As …

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