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Melbourne Pubs

One of the most popular pastimes in Melbourne is heading to the pub. Melbourne Bars have developed in leaps and bounds over the last decade, but there has also been a development in the quintessential Australian pub too. Pubs are an integral part of the Melbourne bar industry and there is a wide and diverse range to choose from. There are pubs that cater to everyone’s needs from the ‘crusty old men’ pubs to the sleek, new corporate style pubs. Melbourne Pubs have undergone a massive transformation in the last few years and there has been a distinct move to the more ‘gastro’ style. There is something about the traditional pub that Australians just love …

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Indigenous Australians

The indigenous Australians are the descendants of the Australian continent who were the first known human inhabitants. The term indigenous Australians also includes both the aboriginal people and Torres Strait islanders who together make up the 2.5% of the population in Australia. On the other hand the aboriginal people live in the main Australian island of the Tasmania and they also occupy the adjacent islands. Similarly the Torres Strait islanders are the indigenous Australians who live in the tortes strait islands which are located between the New Guinea and Australia.
In Australia the indigenous people are known to have arrived in 50,000 BC. On the other hand the indigenous Australians encompass of many diverse societies and …

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