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Bergen Norway

We have to admit that Bergen is our one of our favorite towns in Norway… because there is so much history there, and because the old center seems so small and manageable.
Our most personal reason is because we have good travel buddies who have a summer hutte (a summer house) on nearby Varaldsoy Island in the middle of the Hardangerfjord. That’s relative of course…. As the crow flies, it’s not far, but by narrow roads and two ferries, it’s a two hour drive. Still Bergen is the closest airport to fly into.
And what a great city. Its Norway’s second largest city, and it’s a city with a long history. It was Norway’s capital in the …

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Norway Travel In A Nutshell

Here’s a travel tip… take advantage of one of the the popular Norway in a Nutshell trips. The “Norway in a Nutshell” name is a registered trademark of the Fjord Tours.
Everyone starts in the cities, and you need to see Oslo and Bergen, but to really see Norway, you want to get out to the fjords.
We think the very best thing about Norway is the scenery… the fjords top our list, but you’ll love the mountains, the glaciers, the waterfalls…. The first time we drove through Norway was in spring, and one thing I remember is all the waterfalls… they were everywhere. I kept thinking that this country just leaks.
Norway in a Nutshell gives you …

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