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Sailing for Beginners – Getting StartedLiving the Dream

Thinking of sailing, a quote by Richard Henry Dana Jr. always tends to come to mind:
“Then, with all her sails, light and heavy, and studding-sails, on each side, alow and aloft, she is the most glorious moving object in the world”.
A sailboat is, to me, a living monument to another time – distinctly Hemingwayian in nature, when things were much simpler. I’ve always had grand notions of trans-Atlantic voyages and Mediterranean odysseys, and yet even growing up as I did in Florida with water on three sides I have to date never set foot on so much as a snark. Alas, will the dream ever be reconciled with reality?
The truth is people learn to sail …

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Marine GPS Navigation

When you own a boat and use it regularly you will need certain pieces of equipment which will make your sailing time more enjoyable. You want to know that you are safe on the water and knowing where you are is very important. Although maps and knowledge are great, marine GPS navigation systems are essential if you want to do a number of things on your boat. These systems can help you to guide your boat back to shore, find a good catch while fishing and guide you at night.
Although marine GPS systems have not been used for that long, they are fast becoming an essential piece of equipment. These amazing gadgets help you to …

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Learn “How to Sail” Dinghy Sailing

Learning to Sail Dinghy Sailing Boats
If you are about to learn how to sail then I would recommend starting out with the practical side of the sport in a small sailing boat preferably on a lake or river.
I can’t speak for everywhere but in the UK we have plenty of sailing clubs that have a fleet of small craft to learn the basics and also obtain qualifications as some have RYA (Royal Yachting Association) qualified tutors.
When starting out and joining a sailing club it saves you having to purchase your own sailing dinghy, as the fleet of club dinghies have been purchased out of the club members fee’s. The craft you would be sailing are …

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Top 10 Sailing Vacations – Latin America

Latin American sailing trips focus on crystalline, tropical waters, reef wildlife and in addition remnants of ancient civilizations. Cuba offers up its fascinating cultural history into the mix, the Virgin Islands their volcanic qualities besides the Galapagos Islands personal plethora of animal in addition to marine life. Pack your own snorkel besides fins here plus your own walking coupled with dancing shoes or boots.
Virgin Islands, Eastern Carribbean
Forget the casinos and also entertainment of other sailing locations, this one has been all about peace or maybe relaxation. The Virgin Islands are personal group of small in addition to being ordinarily forsaken islands not to mention one to the safest yacht areas by the world plus loads …

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Do I Need A Boat License To Drive A Boat When In Canada

Do I need a boat license to drive a boat when boating in Canada? Technically, the boat needs a license, the operator needs confirmation of competency provided by a certificate known as the PCOC. National pleasure regulations provide that recreational boaters must have that certification.
The PCOC is not a license. There is no expiration date, it cannot be withdrawn or temporarily suspended. There is no government fee collected when it is issued. The PCOC is considered a proof of competency.
The administrative procedure for obtaining a PCOC is straight-forward. It can be obtained by passing a short test consisting of 36 questions all of which are multiple-choice. The maximum time allowed for the test is 45 …

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Six Tips on How to Store Your Boat for the Winter

During the winter months those in the Northern Hemisphere need to consider winterizing their boats. Proper winterization helps protect your boat during the harsh weather of the winter so you can avoid costly mistakes and repairs once summer comes back around. Proper winterization also makes it easier to get back on the water once summer begins. There are six common mistakes individuals make when it comes to winterizing their boats so follow the six tips below to avoid making the same mistakes.
The first major mistake many make is failing to properly winterize the engine. During the winter temperatures can drop below freezing throughout the United States and Canada. Many Northerners are used to the issues …

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Preventing Boat Crime

Simple tips for boat owners
By following these simple tips boat owners could deter the majority of thefts themselves. Simple tips for boat owners – By following these simple tips boat owners could deter the majority of thefts themselves.
Tenders – Lock your tender to a pontoon cleat or another strong point using a wire strop and strong padlock. Then either remove or secure the engine, fuel tanks, oars and other equipment.
If the pontoon is busy, look elsewhere. An unlocked tender is a free ride for criminals.
Locks – Marine equipment can sometimes seem over priced, and it can be tempting to invest in a cheap luggage lock. But consider the strength and anti-erosion features you will benefit …

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