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Tips For Rock Climbing

Climbing is rarely about actual strength. Of course strength helps but the better and more experienced you get you’ll find that balance and technique are FAR more important. Climbing well does not always mean getting to the top. Climbing is about being in control, moving decisively and fluidly up the rock and not thrashing and scrambling.
Work on balance and overall strength and not on building large muscle groups. Build your heart rate and work on finger strength.
There are three types of climbing. Trad (traditional) climbing is identified as routes where you must place you own safety gear. You are free climbing and using combinations of stoppers, cams, hexes and even pitons as protection. Sport climbing …

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Hiking Tips and Safety

Hiking is a wonderful activity, going into the wilderness or mountains are definitely soul refreshing but like any other outdoor adventure there are certain precautions that needs to be followed to avoid getting into trouble. Here are some basic safety procedures that you should know specially for beginners: It is possible to get lost especially when you run into the forest so you should not travel alone. But there is also an exception, If you’re just going for a stroll in a nearby, well-traveled area you’re as safe there as anywhere. Travelling with an experienced hiker, will help you in many ways. He or she can assist you in steep grades and help you apply …

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