Where To Play Golf In Brazil?

Not many people are aware of the fact that Brazil is slowly but surely becoming quite a popular golf destination. Many people that plan on visiting this country will spend a couple of hours at a golf course having fun and relaxing. The question is where golf players can make the most of their time? With the help of this article you will be able to know which places to visit in order to enjoy a beautiful afternoon at a golf course.

First of all, Salvador Da Bahia is dedicated to this sport. By dedicated we mean that they have actually created a Department of Golf within its tourism department. One of the most important golf courses in all Brazil is Costa do Sauipe Golf Links which is in Sao Joao. It was designed by Brian Costello and takes advantage of its gorgeous location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Another interesting option is Costa do Sauipe which is the championship course which hosted the Brazilian Open back in 2005. The course is known for being kept in a perfect condition and it has a golden reputation across the country. It features all the needed, like carts, driving range as well as a clubhouse with all of the amenities needed for the golf players. An avid golfer by the name of Alexandre Rui Chammas, a resident of Sao Paolo, stated that this golf course is in fact one of the best courses in all Brazil.

An alternative would be Comandatuba which is a privately owned course belonging to Transamerica Hotel that in fact dominates the entire island. The course itself is not only a golf experience per say but also an ecological excursion because by going here you will notice a wide variety of birds, anteaters, foxes and even monkeys. The golf course was designed by the famous American golf course designer Dan Blankenship. Although the setting is quite exotic, the golf conditions are just perfect. An 18-hole championship course that plays at nearly 7,000 yards from the tips, Comandatuba will challenge you with a respectable 72.9 rating.

In the Rio de Janeiro region, there are a couple of golf courses in Buzios, and in the opposite direction – in Angora dos Reis, where there is a luxury resort that has a great field and it is connected to the local hotel. To the south, there are the Florianopolis greens. The location is known for being a great place for sea sports like swimming, surfing and diving, but of course, it has some great golf courses.

Yet another important travel attraction in the country where there is a golf course is Iguassu, located in the mid south, near the frontier with Argentina and Paraguay. Iguassu boasts the world’s biggest waterfalls, a natural phenomenon far beyond Niagara Falls. The local Bourbon Iguassu Golf Resort hotel has excellent greens.

There is a recent development in golf courses in Bahia, a situation which will most likely be found in other locations across the country thanks to the media which encourages people of all ages to start enjoying this hobby which in the past was only for the upper class.

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