Fishing In Alaska, Are you Out Of Your Mind?

When someone first mentioned to me about fishing in Alaska all I could picture was sitting on some freezing glacier with a hole cut in a piece of ice two feet thick and catching fish the size of bait I use here in Florida. Boy was I way off!

My neighbor lived in Alaska for over twenty years and pulled out pictures of Alaska fishing trips that he and his wife had taken. My first reaction, “That’s the biggest flounder I ever saw!” Of course it wasn’t a flounder; it was a halibut of nearly 200 pounds. Then his wife shows me her sixty pound King Salmon, now I’m thinking I need to go fishing in Alaska!

If you’ve always thought of fishing in Alaska like I did it’s time to change your thinking and plan on going big game fishing in Alaska. As the largest state in the United States, Alaska is full of lakes and rivers and is definitely the place to do some big game fishing. Book a half-day guided fishing tour either in the morning or afternoon with a licensed Alaskan fishing guide.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or a beginning angler, you’ll thoroughly enjoy fishing on the Talkeetna River, which is filled with many different kinds of fish species such as salmon and rainbow trout.

If you choose to take my advice on this, you’ll go on a five hour guided trip by a specially equipped jet boat or raft. All of the fishing equipment will be provided for you, but if you’re particular interest is in fly fishing you’ll have to request the fly fishing gear in advance. Rain gear is also provided for you incase of inclement weather and dressing in multiple layers is recommended whether you take part in the morning or afternoon session. Of course you’ll also be required to obtain an Alaska state fishing license just like you would nearly anywhere.

This is just a hint of the incredible fishing adventures that are possible in Alaska. You can totally customize an Alaskan fishing trip specifically to your own personal wants and desires, for example you can plan trips specifically for halibut, King Salmon, or rainbow trout. I plan on going each year and doing a different type of fishing. Just make sure you have the extra cash planned to ship all that fish back home!

Just bear in mind if you are booking you’re Alaska fishing vacation online that while there are many travel agencies that offer these types of trips it is best to go with a company that is actually located in Alaska for the best support and service.

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