How To Catch A Black Bass

With the help of this article you will be able to fish for black bass in a more efficient matter. Bass fishing is a fun and relaxing sport/recreational activity/hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are several ways in which a black bass can be caught, stay tuned to learn about a few of them.

Many people use artificial lures in order to catch bass, especially black bass. The top water fish lure travel on top of the water and the black bass will swim up and grab it, in most cases. Some consider it the most exciting way to fish because the bass will make all kinds of splashes and all sorts of noises. You could also fish using a jig, which is a lure that goes to the bottom of the lake and you will “jig” it up and down. Some prefer other types of baits, like: plastic lizards, plastic worms or plastic crawfish. The black bass just loves these baits, just like the live baits – earth worms and minnows.

The tackle that anglers use for fishing this type of bass is similar to the one used with the striped bass, to be more exact: a stout pliable rod with a reel along with 200ft (or more) of grass line or flax, with a gut leader 4-5 ft in length. If you plan on using minnows, fix the hook through the eyes of the minnow but be very careful not to touch the brain.

After hooking your bass, it is not always obligatory that you catch him. Of course, it is a known fact that he is considered to be the most uneasy fish imaginable to be hauled out of the water; plus his vigorous and pertinacious attempts for liberty make the sport/recreational activity of fishing him just great. After being hooked, the black bass will most likely rise to the surface and leap into the air, shaking violently in order to dislodge the hook.

Other times, the black bass will turn suddenly towards the angler, slacking the line, thus detaching himself from the hook by floundering about. It is, therefore, necessary to be attentive to keep the line taut by means of the reel; and with proper care and expertness in this respect you will land your fish. A large artificial fly of gay appearance, is also an excellent bait, and next to the live minnow. The angler can usually get the fly at a fishing tackle store, or if you make it yourself, the body should be of peacock feather, and scarlet wings tipped with white pigeon feathers.

The scarlet is what actually attracts the bass, and make sure that you put that on your fly in order to obtain the desired results. Small frogs or crawfish are in several cases used for baiting the black bass; and in May, in the rivers, they will bite angle worms. In all fishing cases, the bait should be kept at all times in motion, because only in this way it will attract the attention of the black bass, and he darts at it very suddenly, hopefully.

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