Hunting Range Finders

For those of you who are active hunters you probably already know and use a hunting range finder. For those new to the sport a hunting range finder might well be a piece of equipment you want to take along to help you bag that big buck or even that smaller game turkey.

A hunting range finder is an object much like a binoculars that is used to measure the distance between you and your prey. Most range finders come with rubber grips for easier handling and holding, hard shells to help prevent breakage and tethers to keep them close at hand when you are in the field as you may need them at a moments notice.

Range finders come in many shapes and sizes and offer a number of options for hunters. The three essentials hunters want in their range finders are accuracy in measurement, a small size to make carrying them while tramping through the woods and fields easier and moisture proofing. Since hunters hunt in all kinds of weather conditions having a hunting range finder that will accurately give measurements even in snow and rain is important.

What Exactly Are Hunting Range Finders Used For?
As a hunter whether a beginner or an expert or whether you prefer bow and arrow hunting or hunting with a rifle no doubt you have practiced shooting game from various distances and now are learning what distances you are most accurate at hitting your target. While the practice range gives you the distance measured in yards to your target, hunting in the wild does not. Knowing what range you can accurately hit deer at will do you little good if you don’t know how far away that real life deer is in a hunting situation.

Hunting range finders can tell you how far away your game is in seconds which will tell you whether the game you are aiming at is within the limits of your accuracy. To those hunters who love the sport this is an important and ethical consideration. Not only does knowing the distance result in fewer misses when hunting game but, it results in cleaner more humane kills.

No hunter likes seriously wounding an animal and then losing him in the bush to suffer a painful and agonizing death. He would much rather allow the game to get away than to be the cause of it’s suffering. With a range finder, you can know for sure whether that game is within your area of hunting skill or if you should let it walk rather than risk needlessly injuring it and making it suffer.

Benefits of Range Finders
Hunting range finders serve several functions for the serious and even not so serious hunter. It can boost your confidence in your accuracy before you actually take the shot, it can tell you exactly how far away your game is, and it can help you the hunter rest assured that your kills are ethical and humane. In today’s hunting environment a range finder is perhaps as important as your weapon.
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