The 338 Lapua Magnum

Here is a cartridge that has real stopping power. The .338 caliber Lapua magnum cartridge is awesome. This cartridge was originally developed by the U.S. military, but has now become popular with hunters and civilian long-range shooting enthusiasts. Even though this cartridge is now available to the public make no mistake this is combat proven and was developed for sniper rifles used the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars.

This cartridge features a specialized rimless bottleneck and is centerfire. This cartridge is a powerful killing instrument for someone looking to do a little long range hunting. It provides excellent penetration and expansion characteristics at distances up to 1000 yards!! Just imagine what it will do to a bear. Hunters use this bad boy to hunt the largest game around and it can take down a rhinoceros or an elephant. When you point one these at something you are not messing around, but it is suggested that you carry something with higher caliber as backup if you go after these sub Saharan game animals.

The muzzle velocity varies on the load in the cartridge and the one available commercially has 16.2 grams of load that will spend the bullet flying at about 2800-3000 feet per second. This bullet is excellent choice for any one looking to get the most out their Barrett 98B 338 Lapua Rifle. The Lapua .338 magnum has been very successful commercially and has been used as the parent case for the .300 caliber version. These are typically the same, but the .300 caliber is slimmed down. The .300 is not yet available, but is used by some crazy shooters that like to reshape their own bullets and use the .338 case. That personally scares me, and suggests major caution in doing this.

This cartridge is an excellent choice for someone looking to enjoy long range target practice. The Lapua ..338 magnum is featured by the Finnish company Lapua and is considered to be a “super magnum” rifle cartridge. Pretty much you could trust my opinion about these cartridges being good, but we believe the best recommendation is the fact that the boys of the U.S. military have chosen this cartridge for the struggles in the Middle East is the most important indication that this is a superior product. Any Hunter will not be disappointed by the accuracy, power and muzzle speeds of the Lapua .338 magnum sniper rifle cartridge. Everyone should have the chance at least once to send one these screaming down range and have the satisfaction of hitting the target dead on, every time.

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