A Checklist Of Basic Camping Necessities

Going on an outdoor camping spree sets you to high gear – excited, are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything? Camping is a different kind of activity; you go to a far place possibly without amenities. Thus all the basic necessities should be packed. You can have the worst feeling when upon arrival at the camping site, you will find out you have forgotten “this and that”. This can already set you to a bad mood. Consequently, the expected fun has been obliterated without even having started yet.

The most practical step is to plan ahead – days or even weeks before. Make a check-list of the different outing gears and paraphernalia. Then as you put them in your baggage, mark on your check-list to indicate having packed the stuff. As you remember things that are not in the list, add it up as soon as you recall its necessity.

Aside from your personal belongings – clothes and jackets, here are some basic necessities you have to list and pack.

Packing your personal hygiene stuff is next to packing your clothes. Have you packed your toothbrush and toothpaste? Soap, shampoo, toilet paper and sanitizer are among the toiletries that must be in your baggage. Don’t forget you towel, a wash cloth and a nail clipper. If you are particularly conscious of your grooming, then include a comb or hairbrush, dental floss and deodorant. For the boys, a razor and an after shave will be part of your grooming concern. The deodorant needs to be unscented – no perfume or cologne as the fragrance of these items can attract insects and bugs.

Shelter is among things you have to prepare. The camping shelter starts with a tent. Unsure of the weather conditions in the campsite, be sure to include a number of tent stakes and tarps. These will give the tent protection and be kept from being blown away. Include also rope to be used with the tarp. Then you would need a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, pillow and blanket.

Cooking gears are as important. Even if you are not going to cook food because you already brought cooked meals, you will need these to at least heat your food or boil water. First, you must have a cooler – to preserve the cooked meals or at least keep your other raw foods fresh until cooking time at the site. A propane camping stove is the best cooking equipment. You have to bring match or lighter, an extra propane, pots and pans. Then, have some utensils for everyone. Surely there are canned goods so be sure to have a can opener. A bag of charcoal will enable you to enjoy grilling. Drinking water should be with the food stuff.

First aid kit should also be among the paraphernalia. You are not sure of eventualities during the adventure so it is better to be prepared with first aid. Check on the inclusion of pain relievers, antiseptics, ointment for burns, eye wash and tablets for loose bowel movement (LBM). Pack band-aids, gauze scissors and tweezers. Other first aid kits could be a compass, flashlight, utility knife and whistle. A small tool kit can be used for emergency.

There really are a number of things to bring along in a camping adventure. These things will add safety and protection to all the campers. Do not spoil the fun with a lack in any of the necessities.
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