How To Setup A Paintball Field

Building a paintball field from scratch isn’t that easy because the range of customers can vary and while some of them will enjoy the setup, others will not be very keen on how the field was constructed. Depending on what kind of field you are interested in making and who your target customers or friends are will determine a lot of that – the designing of the paintball field.

To simply start laying a paintball field, grab a pen and paper or you could use Google SketchUp where you can find ideas of how a commercial paintball field looks like and why not grab a few ideas for your own field. First and most important, you need to know the state’s laws and regulations regarding how to open a paintball field for commercial purposes. You will need operation permits, annual inspections plus insurance as well as liability.

Keep in mind that these are requirements for commercial paintball fields and the regulations for a private personal field vary greatly upon location so make sure to check the laws of the areas in which you plan on building the field. Leaving the legal department behind us, you will now need to start to make an idea about how the paintball field should look like. If you are looking for a woods ball field you need to remember to try to keep some of the natural looks of the area – large trees, small hills – the more natural the look of the paintball field, the more real the sport will be.

This style of paintball field hinders long range visibility. The aspect of visibility is very important when creating a paintball field. Paintball markers (even with a flat line) have limited range. A very basic rule regarding visibility: never pick a field in which you can see farther that you can shoot. It is a very logical rule as what kind of strategy can you plan on a field like this? How can you flank? No fun in this at all.

The natural field barriers work better in comparison with manmade bunkers – large trees, streams, trails, hills and tall grass. The more you mix them up, the better. If you are planning on setting up multiple bases, you need to make sure that your base locations are picked up correctly and balanced well.

If you consider yourself a tactical player, check into some old rundown buildings in your area. This could also be a multipurpose field for air soft players. Some may consider that the challenge of indoor combat is unique so if you are considering and old and abandoned building, make sure that you thoroughly inspect it with a main focus on asbestos. Many of the old buildings available may have asbestos in them. Do not find out later after you bought the building that you have to tear it down, no fun in that.

All things considered, building a paintball field is not very easy but with intensive research and implementing some of you personal preferences based on experience, a fun paintball field is possible with little money. Have fun building and using your own paintball field.
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