Lasso Golf Game for Outdoors

The lasso golf game is a simple sport that can be played by anyone, adults and children alike. It has simple rules, which are easy to understand. Lasso golf is played at home to entertain the family or outdoors in a camp or a recreational park.

The lasso golf game is comprised of a ladder and 12 golf balls also known as bolas. A bola is a set of golf balls that are adjoined together by a nylon chord. The game requires a minimum of 6 bolas, 3 for each side, for the game to proceed. Two players play this game. Teams can also play the game.

The first thing to do is to assemble the ladder. The ladder consists of two stands and three rungs. This simple process requires setting up the two stands and then inserting the three rungs on each stand. Once the ladder is set up, the players need to establish the toss line. The toss line indicates the point from which the bola is tossed.

There are two ways of establishing the toss line. The official standard requires a distance of 15 feet between the ladder and the toss line. However, a distance equivalent to five paces may also determine the location of the toss line. This latter ‘standard’ allow children to play the game. The bola must wrap around the rung to make a score.

A coin is tossed to determine the first player to start the lasso golf game. Each player receives 3 bolas. The next player gets a chance only after the first one has finished tossing the 3 bolas. The opposing player employs a number of strategies to distract the player tossing the bola. Such strategies include making comments or noises while the game in progress. However, physical contact is prohibited.

The next player tosses the bolas, while at the same time trying to dislodge the opponent’s bolas. This is a good strategy because only the bola hanging on a rung counts for something. The bola on the ground has no points. After every player has had a session, the scores are tallied to determine the scores of each player. The player with the highest scores in a session starts the next session.

Each rung on the ladder earns different points on the lasso golf game. A score on the top rung earns the player three points while the middle rung earns two points. The lowest rung only earns one point. A player can only earn a maximum of ten points in a single session. A player may also earn a bonus one point where all three bolas attach on a single rung or each bola attaches on a different rung.

The winner of the game must score an exact 21 points. Failure to achieve 21 points means that the players have to continue playing until that score is achieved. In the event that players have equal scores, the players continue playing until one of them achieves a two-point lead over the other at the end of a session.
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