Military Clothing for the Hunter, Soldier and Outdoorsman

There are many different types of military clothing, and most of it we all wear on a daily basis. However, the military has high standards for clothing because it must be highly durable and take on the weather in its extremes. In this article we will talk about the military clothing and what you wear underneath it.

Military Underwear -

Beginning with your cold weather underwear, there is thermal underwear that is made specifically for the military out of a material called polypropylene. There are companies that manufacture leggings and long sleeve shirts to help keep you warm when the weather outside is extremely cold. They are body hugging to keep the warmth of your body in and come in the military regulation colors of olive drab, dessert tan, woodland green (which is a green and tan mixed), black, and navy.

Military Sweatshirts -

Next we have T-shirts and sweatshirts which come in a wide variety of styles and types. They have one for every branch of the military and have a different saying for different events within that branch. For example a T-shirt with the initials PT would stand for Physical Training and come in all the military colors, one for each military branch. There are women’s T-shirts, tank tops – for both men and women – and sleeveless T-shirts. Sweatshirts are similar to the T-shirts and come in the same regulation colors as the T-shirts and other military clothing: olive drab, woodland green, dessert tan, black, and navy. Some of the sweatshirts simply say the military branches name on them, others proudly proclaim a unit’s credo.

Military Shorts -

Shorts and pants are as varied as the T-shirts and sweatshirts. The shorts come in a poly/cotton blend and there are cargo shorts, vintage Infantry utility shorts – with six pockets – in woodland, khaki, olive drab, black, and navy blue. There are plain colored shorts with a minimum of two pockets as well as men’s boxers in a variety of colors and styles. Pants are regulation military issue and come with several pockets to keep all of your tactical gear handy. The bottoms of the pants are nylon drawstring with a fused, knotted and tacked closure. They have a reinforced knee and seat, as well as drain holes in the bellow pockets for letting out water if needed. Most of the pants are made of 100 percent cotton and have an adjustable waistband. All come in the colors of the military.

Military Flight Suits -

In addition to the T-shirts and pants, there is what is known as flight suits, which are like a jumpsuit or coverall. These flight suits are more formfitting. Flight suits are made of a poly/cotton blend and have a zipper front and adjustable waist and arm straps, along with zippered legs. You can also purchase coveralls which are similar to the flight suits, yet roomier and can cover clothing instead of actually being your clothing like the flight suits. All flight suits and coveralls come in the regulation military colors of olive drab, navy blue, black, woodland green, and dessert tan.

Military Accessories -

There are accessories for the military clothing such as belts. Utility belts to hold a pistol alone, or you can get one that can hold several items like a pistol, extra rounds of ammunition, a flashlight, a cell phone or radio, and many other tactical items needed for a long day or night out in the field.

Military Hats -

There are many different types of hats to cover any occasion. There are berets, boonie hats, which are the wide brimmed hats, head wraps or scarves, helmets and fatigue caps which are basically a flat brimmed baseball cap in the colors of the military, such as woodland green, olive drab, black, navy blue, and dessert tan.

Other accessories include tactical backpacks, which are tough, strong and durable packs that can carry everything you can’t carry on your belt. Many have adjustable straps; lumbar support shaped kidneys, and can accommodate a sleeping bag if needed. There are many different styles and types of bags; for example, there is a Rucksack bag, duffle bag – both front and top loading – canvas bags, ditty bags, Alice packs, and regular regulation backpacks. There are small tactical bags that go over one shoulder or around your waist and will hold several items including a handgun, extra ammunition, a water bottle, radio or cell phone and much, much more.

Today, military clothing, from the T-shirts and jackets to the pants and flight suits, are popping up everywhere you look. Non military personnel, civilians, mostly younger people are wearing military clothing as a fashion statement or a tribute to our troops. Anyone can purchase military clothing on the Internet or at military surplus stores across the country.
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