Parasailing, sometimes called as “Parascending” is one of the fastest growing sports around the globe. In the first place, parasailing is a fun ride or a mere recreation, not to be confused with the sport called paragliding. But still you can attach competition in it.

This activity uses a specially-designed parachute, known as the “parasail” where a person or two, called the “parascender” is attached. The harness is very important as it connects to the vehicle (a boat) by a tow rope. When the boat drives off, the parascenders will be dragged behind and lifted to the air. Also, they have little or no control over the parachute.

The sport is basically composed of the speedboat, the parasail, the harness, the tow rope and a specially-designed suit for the user.

If you had been to many beach resort destinations, you would have probably seen this challenging recreation, lifting riders into the sky with brightly-colored sails in their personal speed boats. This may sound crazy but if you wanted to experience a kind of kick of freedom and excitement, parasailing could be the appropriate sport for you.

In the Philippine setting, there is one place where parasailing is best done and it is in this paradise island of Boracay. The blue skies, the stunning seascape and the wonderful backdrop of mountains and trees can all be seen in one parasail ride. If you want to indulge in this island, then this recreational activity is a must.

Whether you are a newcomer or an old-timer in Boracay and a water-sport aficionado, you may want to include parasailing in your to-do list. But there is one thing you should consider – the price. Frankly speaking, it requires more money outlay than any other activities that can give stimulation and rush of adrenaline you’re looking for. But this one is different. Being on the top gives you incomparable feeling of calmness and superiority.

If you decided to go parasailing, there are many different types of services available and each service varies from one another. Usually, the price is around 2,500 pesos per individual in a 15-minute ride across the waters. Some may cost more up to 5,000 pesos or less, depending upon the season. During low season, all rates would drop up to 50%, so you can save if you parasail during this time.

If it is included in the package deal while staying on the resort, the fee may differ slightly. In other cases, you can always try and bargain, they would be happy to give you discounts just to attract more customers. You might be like “vomiting your money” but the memories are worth treasured forever.

For someone who never tried parasailing before, it may look extreme and scary that only professionals can do it. But in fact, it is easy as it is fun once you get started. Don’t be left behind with all those exciting experiences. Whether it is your first time or not, parasailing is a fantastic activity you should not be afraid to try out.

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