Special Forces And Coastal Marine Survival Kit For In Field Use!

If you are in the Special Forces or the Marines, you expect the survival kit and first aid kit that you use to be of the utmost quality. This is why you should shop around at various stores and company sites online in order to find the best items to buy. These items should contain a little myriad of just about everything you would need in order to survive in the field. You can also use these for personal reasons as well. Here are a few to look at:

Tactical Medical Solutions: The Surgical Hemorrhage Control Kit is a requirements-based product designed specifically to meet the needs of the ever-expanding skill-set of the SOF medic. The original kit was developed and packed for deep vascular access and ligation in austere environments, and to be a more versatile, organized alternative to the standard issue surgical set. This kit is now available custom packed to meet your needs. The contents of the kit can be adjusted to match virtually any skill level required for field emergency surgical procedures.

Adventure Medical Kits: The Adventure Medical Kits MARINE 2000 First Aid Kit contains many of the same medical instruments and supplies as the Marine 3000 although in smaller quantities. This kit is suitable for use while at sea, or in a remote coastal harbor, yet still within 24 hours of professional medical care. Crew member first aid kit included. This first aid kit meets and exceeds the Coast Guard’s minimum requirements for: Small Commercial Passenger Vessels in 46 CFR 121.710 and 184.710; Life Boats in CFR Subchapter Q 160.041; Life Rafts in Sec. 160.054, 1-21; Commercial Vessels in Sec.121.710; Large Commercial Fishing and Non-Fishing Vessels – governed by the United States Public Health Service; Mobile Offshore Drilling Units in Requirement: 46 CFR subchapter 1-A.

Swiss Army Leader Kit: The Leader could soon become the best thing you have ever purchased if your ATV or snowmobile breaks down 15 miles from your truck or your Boy Scout troop gets lost in a storm! This kit is designed to provide the ATV/snowmobile enthusiast or the leader of a group with all the necessary tools to sustain life in an emergency situation. It adds more first aid items and additional fire starting gear as well as materials to make a solar still for collecting water anywhere.

Contains: Spark-Lite Firestarter 6 Spark-Lite Tinder-Quik all-weather kindling Toilet paper Brunton compass Emergency blanket Potable Aqua water purification tablets Gauze bandage Antiseptic wipes Antiseptic coated bandages 6 feet of duct tape Ibuprofen Antacid Sunscreen wipe Signal mirror Water bag Wenger Swiss Army Knife Princeton Tec 3 LED Attitude light Additional gauze bandage First Defense antiseptic wound cleansing spray Anti-diarrhea pills Insect repellent wipe 6′ x 9′ 2 mil plastic tarp 20′ of nylon cord Solar still kit Plastic shovel Survival manual and Map and Compass Guidebook Backcountry First Aid and Extended Care by Buck Tilton 7.5″ x 11″ x 3.5″

Since these are meant for professionals, they do include a first aid kit and a survival kit option for an all-in-one kit. Civilians usually have to buy these kits separately because they do not come in an all in one kit. I picked Swiss Army, Adventure Medical Kits and Tactical Medical Solutions because they are considered to be the best of the best when it comes to first aid kits and survival kits, but you can find other brands online as well that are highly rated too.
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