The Best Combat Survival Kits Can Be Found Right Online!

If you are in search on a Combat survival kit for in field use, the easiest way to find the one that is right for you, is to look right online. Not only can you find survival kits and first aid kits to fit your specific needs, but you will also find the price you want as well. The first thing you need to do is figure out if you want an all in one – both kits in one kit. Or if you want to buy a separate combat survival kit and a separate combat first aid kit. Next, you need to figure out what brand you want. Each brand will include various design and style options as long as included items in the kit.

Some of the top brands include Black Hawk, 5.11, Adventure Medical Kits and Tactical Medical Solutions just to name a few. Next, you need to figure out what size you want. You can get them for individual use, group use, team use, etc. The more items in the kit and the bigger the package is (usually they come in a duffel or carrying kit), the more expensive they will be. It’s always a smart idea to find certified suppliers that real Combat in-field people use. These products will be contrived in such a way that is efficient and sufficient for any usage you plan to put it through. You want something durable and reliable as well. Here are a few to take a look at:

SAS Combat Survival Kit: Made in England, this is the finest survival kit I’ve ever come across. It has a button compass, night light, flint/striker, cutter, book matches, pencil, sewing kit, wire saw, whistle, snare wire, puritabs, safety pins, fishing kit, and survival instructions. I don’t know what else you would put in a survival kit. The wire saw alone is worth the price of the kit. I wish I’d had one of these rigs back in the day. U.S. Special Forces Teams from Afghanistan to Kosovo have all, but depleted the US supply of these kits.

BCB International Ltd. “Combat Survival Kit”: The kit is contained in a small metal “tobacco” tin, 4.25 x 3.125 x 1.125 inches (10.8 x 7.94 x 2.86 cm), that easily slips into a shirt pocket. (This is exactly the same type tin, the larger of the two sizes commonly available, that you can find at tobacco shops if you want to assemble your own kit. It is also about the same size as the Altoids tin often used for self-assembled kits.) The hard container can be a bit uncomfortable in a pocket, but does a good job protecting the contents. While the tin has a seal in the removable lid, since it is not vacuum sealed, as it is when used to hold tobacco, it really relies on the tape to seal it.

Combat Survival Kit: The Combat Survival Kit is based upon the legendary John “Lofty” Wiseman’s (ex SAS, Survival Expert Extraordinaire) Survival Kit. This is a wilderness survival kit primarily designed for the general public and is perfect for hikers, scout associations, climbers and anyone who enjoys the outdoors, but it also fits nicely in an automobile glove box making it suitable for a car survival kit. The emergency survival kit components have been compiled to allow an individual to maintain a decent standard of survival for 48-72 hours, while awaiting and aiding rescue. The best things about this mini survival kit are that it is small enough to be carried anywhere and it has a valuable inventory of items. The BCB Combat Survival Kit is currently in use by numerous military organizations including the United States Marine Corps, the United States Air Force and the British Special Forces.

Usually the way this goes is you have three options. What you choose depends on you. You have “kits” which will include a little bit of everything. These kits will be in a backpack, case, or some sort of a carrying bag. It’s a little heavier than the rest, but it will ultimately include everything you need for a Combat situation. The second option is the tin. It will literally be placed in a tin – have it be a lozenge size tin or coffee can size tin. This will not have all the bells and whistles, just the essentials.

It, for the most part, will not be able to be carried in a pocket, but it still is quite small compared to the kit option. The last option is the pocket option. This is also usually a “tin” of some sort, but in all actuality is so incredibly small it actually does fit in your pocket. This will include VERY minimal items, but again the essentials that you would like to see in a Combat first aid kit or a Combat survival kit.
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