Winter Fun: Outdoor winter activities in your backyard

While winter may bring cold weather and plenty of snow, that’s no reason to stay indoors until next spring. In fact, winter is a great time to enjoy all sorts of outdoor fun and activities. You don’t even have to travel far to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months because there are many excellent and exciting winter activities that you and your family can enjoy right in your own backyard. From sledding to ice skating, children and adults alike can experience many hours of backyard winter fun with the help of just a few tools and accessories.

One way for your children to enjoy the outdoors during the winter is to turn your backyard into the setting for an imaginative adventure. An inflatable winter clubhouse can provide the perfect outdoor meeting place or can be a base for the ultimate snowball fight. It could also be an igloo or an arctic bunker, or anything else that children imagine it to be. Whether it’s actually snowing or not, inflatable igloos will provide your children with hours of winter fun and can be left outside all season. These inflatable clubhouses are also easy to inflate and are made from cold-crack-proof PVC, so they can easily withstand cold winter weather.

Arctic shields are also excellent backyard accessories for one of the most widely loved winter activities of all — snowball fights. These inflatable arctic shields feature oversized handles so they can easily be held by hands in mittens. By providing protection and allowing for snowball deflection, arctic shields are perfect for charging ahead and getting right into the thick of every snowball fight. Of course, another favorite winter activity is sledding. Whether you have a hill in your backyard or nearby, inflatable sleds are the perfect accessory for outdoor winter fun.

In order to make use of the many great inflatable winter accessories that are available, you will need to have a good pump for easy and fast inflation. Pumps are available in different varieties including bellows foot pumps, which are extremely easy to use and are constructed from heavy duty fabric. Double action manual pumps are also available, many of which feature several nozzle attachments so they can accommodate almost any fill valve. For larger inflatable toys and accessories, electric or battery-operated pumps might be preferable, as they can effortlessly inflate large capacity toys in a matter of just a few minutes.

Another way to enjoy endless outdoor winter fun and winter activities in your yard is to build your very own backyard ice skating rink. While this might seem like a monumental task, it doesn’t have to be. There are backyard ice rink packages available to provide you with everything you need to build an amazing outdoor rink. With heavy-duty liner, flexible PVC tubing to protect the liner, hockey lines, an installation video and a repair kit, these packages will have you skating in no time. In many cases, the rinks can be adjusted to fit your particular yard and all of the components can be easily stored during the off-season. Best of all, however, backyard ice skating rinks can provide endless winter fun and enjoyable exercise for children and adults of all skating abilities.

There are also several accessories available that can make backyard ice rinks even more fun as well as easier to maintain. For example, hockey nets are available for young and up-and-coming hockey stars who want to practice their goal scoring. Hockey nets are also great when you want to hold family or neighbourhood hockey games. For the beginning skaters, skate tutors are great for learning balance and building confidence on the ice. With regards to backyard ice rink maintenance, portable ice groomers can easily attach to standard garden hoses and will allow you to keep your ice surface super smooth. In addition, there are a wide variety of snow shovels on the market designed for removing snow from backyard ice skating rinks. With different sizes and shapes available, you can choose the shovel that is best for you and your rink.

The best thing about enjoying winter activities in your own backyard is that you can experience plenty of winter fun without spending a lot of money. Inflatable toys, ice rink kits and a wide range of accessories are available at very affordable prices from online retailers such as When you find a respected, direct supplier, you will have the benefit of both quality products and excellent value. With so many fabulous toys and accessories available to enhance your outdoor winter fun, there’s really no reason to stay indoors during the winter months.
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