Famed SafariGuide and Author Mark C. Ross Teaches Travelers How to Safari with Skill

NEW YORK, NY – Did you know that crocodiles are actually living dinosaurs that have changed very little in the past 65 million years? Or that hyenas have a hunting success ratio that’s 700 percent greater than leopards and 350 percent greater than single lions? Or that more than 90 percent of cheetahs in East Africa don’t make it to one year old?

All Micato Safaris travelers will be privy to this information and more, thanks to “The Micato Safaris Guide to Predators,” written by famed safari guide, photographer and Micato colleague Mark C. Ross, in partnership with photographer David Reesor. The vivid and informative book takes readers on a wild safari, with stunning images and in-depth insights into the great predators of the African bush: lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and crocodiles.

“With more than 30 years’ experience in the bush, Mark was the perfect candidate for Micato to collaborate with since he is without question one of the leading authorities on African wildlife today” states Dennis Pinto, Managing Director, Micato Safaris. “As a leading luxury safari outfitter operating tours in East and South Africa for more than 40 years, Micato Safaris aims to provide our guests with the ultimate safari experience. We believe that the ‘Micato Safaris Guide to Predators’ will help all of our travelers get the most out of their safari, while also providing a wonderful reminder of their time in Africa.”

“It is my hope that the book will help wildlife enthusiasts to deepen their knowledge of — and passion for — Africa’s native beasts. I am grateful to Micato Safaris for their support of this project,” states Mark C. Ross.

The 208-page, hardcover editionfeatures hundreds of visually arresting images that illustrate such rarely or never-seen behaviors as leopards mating in daylight and a pair of young bachelor cheetahs successfully bringing down an adult wildebeest. The book is divided into five chapters, each focusing on a different species and bursting with fascinating facts and Mr. Ross’s engaging personal observations and anecdotes. At the end of each chapter, three sections- “Debunking Myths”, “How to Observe” and “Facts on File” provide helpful hints to unlocking the secrets of each species. In addition, the book contains a special guide to photographing animals on safari and a pocket-size, fold-out field guide – the perfect carry-along for a trip into the African bush.

Originally published as Predator: Life and Death in the African Bush, in 2007 by Harry N. Abrams, the book is a must-read for anyone planning to go on safari, or for anyone who dreams about going on one.

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About Mark C. Ross
Born in the United States, Mark C. Ross first went to Kenya in 1977 to finish his degree in wildlife biology, and he’s been there ever since. Ross is a safari guide, a commercial and competitive aerobatic pilot, a photographer and lecturer, and has collaborated on nature films with Animal Planet, National Geographic, and Dateline NBC. Ross is also the author of Dangerous Beauty (Talk Miramax Books, 2001). He lives in Kenya with his wife, Helen (also a guide and pilot), in Nairobi, Kenya and is proud to work with Micato Safaris.

About David Reesor
Photographer David Reesor and his wife, Diane, divide their time between Pheonix, Arizona, where David works in real estate investment, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Reesor first met Mark C. Ross as a guest on one of his safaris, where they discovered their mutual interest in photography and wildlife.

About Micato Safaris
Jane and Felix Pinto founded Micato Safaris in Kenya in 1966, and the company has been providing the most luxurious and personalized African safaris to sophisticated travelers ever since. Winning the coveted Travel+Leisure “World’s Best Tour Operator & Safari Outfitter” award for an unprecedented six years, Micato prides itself on providing exceptional service throughout every stage of the safari experience.