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Catching The Guadalupe Bass

The Guadalupe Bass is a very rare species of fish that can be found in Texas, USA, where it is in fact the official state fish. It can only be found in restricted creeks and rivers, and here we include the Guadalupe River (from where the fish got its name). It was listed as vulnerable but the IUCN considers the data insufficient at the moment in order to determine in status. Nowadays, many of the fly fishermen and anglers use the catch & release technique in order to improve the Guadalupe bass fish populations. Some make the mistake of confusing it with the smallmouth bass. With the help of this article we will try to …

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How To Catch A Black Bass

With the help of this article you will be able to fish for black bass in a more efficient matter. Bass fishing is a fun and relaxing sport/recreational activity/hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are several ways in which a black bass can be caught, stay tuned to learn about a few of them.
Many people use artificial lures in order to catch bass, especially black bass. The top water fish lure travel on top of the water and the black bass will swim up and grab it, in most cases. Some consider it the most exciting way to fish because the bass will make all kinds of splashes and all …

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