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Do I Need A Boat License To Drive A Boat When In Canada

Do I need a boat license to drive a boat when boating in Canada? Technically, the boat needs a license, the operator needs confirmation of competency provided by a certificate known as the PCOC. National pleasure regulations provide that recreational boaters must have that certification.
The PCOC is not a license. There is no expiration date, it cannot be withdrawn or temporarily suspended. There is no government fee collected when it is issued. The PCOC is considered a proof of competency.
The administrative procedure for obtaining a PCOC is straight-forward. It can be obtained by passing a short test consisting of 36 questions all of which are multiple-choice. The maximum time allowed for the test is 45 …

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Six Tips on How to Store Your Boat for the Winter

During the winter months those in the Northern Hemisphere need to consider winterizing their boats. Proper winterization helps protect your boat during the harsh weather of the winter so you can avoid costly mistakes and repairs once summer comes back around. Proper winterization also makes it easier to get back on the water once summer begins. There are six common mistakes individuals make when it comes to winterizing their boats so follow the six tips below to avoid making the same mistakes.
The first major mistake many make is failing to properly winterize the engine. During the winter temperatures can drop below freezing throughout the United States and Canada. Many Northerners are used to the issues …

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Preventing Boat Crime

Simple tips for boat owners
By following these simple tips boat owners could deter the majority of thefts themselves. Simple tips for boat owners – By following these simple tips boat owners could deter the majority of thefts themselves.
Tenders – Lock your tender to a pontoon cleat or another strong point using a wire strop and strong padlock. Then either remove or secure the engine, fuel tanks, oars and other equipment.
If the pontoon is busy, look elsewhere. An unlocked tender is a free ride for criminals.
Locks – Marine equipment can sometimes seem over priced, and it can be tempting to invest in a cheap luggage lock. But consider the strength and anti-erosion features you will benefit …

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Aluminum Boats History

If you are passionate about boating and want to spend some great time alone in your boat in solitude or go out for fishing with your son, then you should always go in for aluminium boats. Some people think that buying an aluminium boat is bad investment. But this is far from the truth! The benefits of aluminium boat far out-strip those made of the modern fiberglass.
Most government boats are made of aluminium. Luxury yachts are made of this material. Statistically half of USA’s boats are aluminium built. There are quite a few reasons for this choice. Some of the small sized aluminium boats have thin-hull and are fastened with rivets. They are great for …

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Bayliner Boats

Exciting and affordable, Bayliner has become one of the most popular recreational boats in its industry. Bayliner boats are ideal for all types of activity; fishing, skiing, cruising and water trips. With a range of boats that can accommodate up to thirteen people and up to thirty two feet in length, the opportunities are endless.
Types of Bayliner boats – Bayliner is dedicated to providing the highest quality boats and yachts. If you are looking for a boat that you can enjoy with the whole family then Bayliner is an excellent choice. Designed with the whole family in mind, Bayliner offers bowrider, deck boats and cruisers. This long established boating company is dedicated to building boats …

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Boat Charter in Dubai

Boat Charter in Dubai are getting more popular as the winter approaches. A yacht is the perfect choice for a wedding, honeymoon, or corporate event in Dubai. With events ranging from wedding receptions, parties, corporate hospitality or even simple cruises around the Middle East many more people are choosing boat hire over and above traditional event options. In most cases, you will use a crewed yacht for your event. You have the option of having the company cater the event or hiring your own caterer to supply the food. Consider having your next corporate event or sales meeting at sea. Charters are available for the day or for several days. Doing business at sea is …

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Travel Safety for Boat Rides

A safe trip is not impossible given that a traveler familiarizes himself or herself with possible scenarios to watch out for in a trip. Traveling abroad would usually give travelers the advantage wherein they could expect a safe journey which is free from any incidents. Travel safety is a huge concern because there is no surefire way of assuring a trip a hundred percent problem free and the article will be a great tool in teaching this.
It may be ignored but travel safety actually starts when a person packs his bags before the trip and it is best to have a clear list of what items to bring along. Avoiding thieves is easy simply do …

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