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Fishing In Alaska, Are you Out Of Your Mind?

When someone first mentioned to me about fishing in Alaska all I could picture was sitting on some freezing glacier with a hole cut in a piece of ice two feet thick and catching fish the size of bait I use here in Florida. Boy was I way off!
My neighbor lived in Alaska for over twenty years and pulled out pictures of Alaska fishing trips that he and his wife had taken. My first reaction, “That’s the biggest flounder I ever saw!” Of course it wasn’t a flounder; it was a halibut of nearly 200 pounds. Then his wife shows me her sixty pound King Salmon, now I’m thinking I need to go fishing in …

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Alaska Halibut Fishing

Alaska Halibut Fishing – Superb Guidance FROM Seasoned Charter Operators
Alaska halibut are best captured with the assistance of a reputable Alaska halibut fishing charter service. Alaska halibut are characterised as big game saltwater fish. The common weight of a Alaska halibut is anywhere from one hundred to five hundred pounds. Their bodies will reach the length of 10 feet and they are mainly found within the Pacific Ocean. The Alaska halibut is known for its ability to fight, thus you must be willing to match the Alaska halibut’s will to live in order to take the sport seriously. Just like any alternative fish, the significance of learning the behavior of the Alaska halibut is important …

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