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Hunting With Montana Decoys

It’s a matter of fact that some sportsmen just haven’t yet mastered the art of decoying. It’s a matter of fact that most hunters haven’t even given it a try. In Montana – hunting game with decoys is nothing new. Hunters have now just jumped on the bandwagon with attempting to hunt elk, deer, antelope and most game using decoys and most are a little late catching up with our fellow hunters, bottom line there is no better time than now to learn how effective decoy hunting can be with Montana decoys.
First, you have to choose the type of Montana decoy you would like to use. Almost all decoys fall into one of a couple …

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Hunting Game Cameras

Serious hunters know how hard it can be to find and follow the patterns of deer. Then there is that ever-wishful quest of hunting down a mature buck – the bigger, the better. While hunters are certainly successful with their efforts, there is always room for improvement. And because of the desire to improve the hunting game, more and more hunters are turning to hunting game cameras.
With hunting game cameras, the hunter is able to avoid spending hours on land where there are no deer. It also allows them to track down and learn the pattern of the prized mature bucks; as in the case of the Lovstuen Buck, shot by Tony Lovstuen. Any experienced …

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