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What Kind Of Knife Should I Get For My Survival Kit

Most of the survival kits out there for personal usage don’t include a good knife. Really, this is one of the most important items FOR survival, so if your survival kit doesn’t have a good one, it’s time to look into buying one yourself. The knife can also be used in your first aid kit as well. Some of the kits out there do boast having everything, but once in a blue moon you just might not like what you get. Here are a few of the top rated knives in the Survival industry – one of which is from Bear Grylls.
- SOG Seal Pup: For those who want all the features of the original …

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The Best Combat Survival Kits Can Be Found Right Online!

If you are in search on a Combat survival kit for in field use, the easiest way to find the one that is right for you, is to look right online. Not only can you find survival kits and first aid kits to fit your specific needs, but you will also find the price you want as well. The first thing you need to do is figure out if you want an all in one – both kits in one kit. Or if you want to buy a separate combat survival kit and a separate combat first aid kit. Next, you need to figure out what brand you want. Each brand will include various design …

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