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How To Make A Fire In The Wilderness

Making a fire in the wilderness can be a great skill especially if its in a life and death situation. A fire can serve different purposes: To keep you warm and dry, cook food, purify water, sterlize bandages, rescue signal, and even keeping you safe from animals.
Choose your location first before you start building your fire. You need a site that is sheltered from the wind with a good supply of wood or other burnable material. Make sure there is no dry vegetation nearby that could catch fire. You want to clear away any debris and start on solid ground, slated or stone rock.
You need a tinder material that is dry and this will ignite …

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Effective Use of Camouflage Clothing in Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival has become a growing fad for people who love the outdoors. It has become the ultimate test of survival as it involves camping, hiking, fishing and workmanship skills. Whether you go into the rainforest or the outback, there is a need for wilderness survival training for novice and casual outdoorsmen. Take the life-saving ideas from the famous survival experts in the Discovery Channel like Bear Grylls of “Man vs. Wild” and Les Stroud of “Survivorman.” Having the survival kit or even some rudimentary survival equipment is the difference between life and death. Without these things, you have to endure and survive the harsh weather, the challenging landscape, and the dangerous wild life the …

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