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Six Tips on How to Store Your Boat for the Winter

During the winter months those in the Northern Hemisphere need to consider winterizing their boats. Proper winterization helps protect your boat during the harsh weather of the winter so you can avoid costly mistakes and repairs once summer comes back around. Proper winterization also makes it easier to get back on the water once summer begins. There are six common mistakes individuals make when it comes to winterizing their boats so follow the six tips below to avoid making the same mistakes.
The first major mistake many make is failing to properly winterize the engine. During the winter temperatures can drop below freezing throughout the United States and Canada. Many Northerners are used to the issues …

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Winter Fun: Outdoor winter activities in your backyard

While winter may bring cold weather and plenty of snow, that’s no reason to stay indoors until next spring. In fact, winter is a great time to enjoy all sorts of outdoor fun and activities. You don’t even have to travel far to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months because there are many excellent and exciting winter activities that you and your family can enjoy right in your own backyard. From sledding to ice skating, children and adults alike can experience many hours of backyard winter fun with the help of just a few tools and accessories.
One way for your children to enjoy the outdoors during the winter is to turn your backyard into …

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